Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Are you saving for retirement? Maybe you shouldn't be. You may be taking valuable resource from things that you need. It is possible that this is hording; taking resources that others could use and saving thme for your own selfish or prideful purpose.

It is also possible that your retirement savings is keeping you from being the best parent you can be. Face it, the most noble purpose of a retirement plan is assure that your late-life needs are not a burden on your children or society. However, if you are witholding valuable resources from your children in the years that they are with you, you may be doing them a bigger dis-service. You only have your children for 18 to 21 years. Use God's provision now for their development and for building family memories.

If your working for a early retirement consider Why you are doing that. God's word calls those who don't provide for themselves "sluggard". One can argue that they worked hard for their early retirement, but if you retire before your working days are over, you have likely done so for selfish reasons. (An exeption would be one who retires from paid employment in order to take a unpaid or underpaid ministry.)

That brings the final point to mind, if your working long days and long weeks to create that nestegg in the days that your family is growing, who's raising your children? In your 30s, your life focus needs to much more on the necessities of the children in your home and your spouse and less on what your life will be like in your 80s.

Retirement sounds like a great idea; defired enjoyment of life until your in your later years. Unfortunately, it isn't a biblical principle and it isn't one that comes without costs to your family. Focus on using God's resources for God's purpose today. If you do this with full faith in God and His purpose in mind, He will provide even as you reach the golden years.