Thursday, February 02, 2006

What Kind of 'Sound' Is Switchfoot Making?

What Kind of 'Sound' Is Switchfoot Making?

Here's an interesting perspective on the music of Switchfoot. Is it OK to be a band of Christians with out being a "Christian" band? On first glance most Christians would say "no." But I wonder if there isn't some shortsightedness to that answer.

The good news is that Switchfoot is reflecting the same values that Christians uphold. They're doing it in a giant arena. How many times have Christians complained that today's music is too vulgar? Here is a band that is doing something about that.

The complaint is that Switchfoot analyses the problems of the world, but never gives the prescription. Of course, the prescription is Jesus Christ.

I believe that it is important for all Christians to uphold the truth that Salvation is found only in the person of Jesus Christ. However, if Switchfoot were to make this the theme of their music their audience would shrink to fit the Christian community. How many musical groups does the Christian community need preaching the Gospel on Christian radio? I'd say we have plenty of those, and too often the Christian record producers force artist into a "Jesus Jingle" mode with happy little lyrics that water down the real issues that people are dealing with.

Saying that Christian musician must always produce music with explicit references to the Gospel is like saying Christian engineers should only design church buildings, or Christian store owners should only own Bible book store. (You know? The stores that sell all the little plaques with the footprints poem.)

We need more Switchfoots in the music business. We need Switchfoot style movie makers. We need people with Switchfoot's perspective in the news media and in every industry.

As long as Switchfoot continues to write songs that are consistent with the Christian message, the Christian world must acknowledge their benefit to the world and to the message of Jesus Christ, whether or not they ever specifically ask their audiences to "ask Jesus into their hearts."