Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sabbatical links

here are some links with interesting things that i should look at as part of my sabbatical research project on creating successful children.

Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati has some interesting stuff in their November 2006 sermon series, Keeping up with the Jones.

Similar is Rob Bell's series Calling all Peacemakers from Dec. 2006.

Daniel Gilbert is not a Christian author, but I'm interested in his evaluation of happiness as he as delivered in Stumbling on Happiness.

I'm really interested in looking at the idea of contentment. The question is, does someone have to reach a professional position or earn a certain amount of money in order to be content? I will look what the scriptures say about contentment, but I also want to examine the lives of people who have been successful in different ways.

By the way, it may already be evident that I'm beginning with a presupposition that true success equals true joy in life. In other words, if a person is a billionaire but unhappy with his position, he has not succeeded at life. Or if a person is elected president, but begrudingly does the job, she has not succeeded.

I'm hopping to post more as I prepare for the sabbatical from May thru July. I'll certainly post come that time as I plan on using this site to organize my thoughts.