Saturday, April 07, 2007

Warren Buffett on success

In a recent CNBC report on Billionaire Warren Buffet, the interviewer asked Buffet, "What advice would you give someone to help them know when they have succeeded?"

Buffet replied: "When you have people around you that you love."

The reporter wasn't satisfied with this answer and dug in deeper obviously looking for a quantitative means of defining success. She said, "Uh, this is a CNBC audience. Help them to understand success."

Buffet thought only for a second and said, "Doing what you love and doing it well. I've never found someone how was doing that that didn't consider himself a success."

If the 2nd riches man in the world can discover that success has not quantitative measure, should not we all begin living toward goals of success that are based on people, fulfillment and spirituality.