Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update on Sabbatical

I have promised regular updates on my sabbatical, but I have been slow to add any articles. I part, that's because I don't want to write anything without fully thinking it through. In part, I have felt that part of my sabbatical is to rest the mind, and with all I'm doing and reading, my mind hasn't felt ready to write. I will change this trend though over the next couple weeks. I start this week by writing reports on two books that I've read: Mindset by Dr. Carol S. Dweck and Stumbling on Happiness by Dr. Daniel Gilbert. In brief, Mindset has proven to be a good read, while not always taking a position that I will always agree with. On the other hand, Stumbling on to Happiness was less than helpful for me and takes an odd position on to what happiness is and how to find it in one's life (as the title implies).

Over the last couple weeks, I've been working on other projects too. This week, I will finish up a long lacrosse season as coach of the 3rd out of 3 teams. I've enjoyed the girls, grades 7 and 8, but struggled with drawing a full team which has created an odd team dynamic. I have been working on and hope to finish editing a video project which is part of my sixth grade daughters graduation from elementary school. Also, I've been a part of several meeting around the realignment of the staff at Grace Point. Some of these meeting are directly related to a project that I desired to tackle during this time, but some have been the kind that pull me out of the sabbatical mode and back into church work. Later I'll share why they have been important enough to do that.

Check back over the next few days. I promise those two book reports and I'm hoping to do some reflective writing as well.