Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Grace Point Staff prayer day reflection

I know it has been a while since I last posted, and this isn't the most meaningful of posts. Still I want to keep to my practice of posting my reflections of the staff quarterly prayer day.


My time today was spent in reflection on the state of my soul. It was about repentance for the sins that dominate my life. I have many and my heart is burdened by them all. Still there are some sins that dominate my ministry making it less effective than it should be.

First, I admit that I struggle with the same sin as the Church of Ephesus in Rev. 2:1-7. They were guilty of giving up the burning passion of their first love, Jesus. N. T. Wright demonstrates in Simply Christian that worship, when true, is much like one reacts to a rock star. I remember having that passion toward God and his word once, but it is diminished now.

My next sin is that of judgmentalism. Looking at my brother, I am inclined to see his sin before my own. His vision is clouded by that tiny little speck I'm sure. Don't bother me with the log that I'm dealing with.

My last sin, connected to my second, is hypocrisy. I believe in several noble missions that I challenge others to support but do nothing about them personally. I must make my life mission congruent with my actions. Most note worthy is the issues of poverty and aides.

I am sorry for my sins and pray the God will help me to overcome them.