Monday, August 11, 2008

One thing I've learned...

Over the last 20 years is begin creative is usually better than knowing the facts. OK, these things aren't mutually exclusive, and I know that fact-based people won't likely understand my point, but here's why it is important.

It took my about 17 or 18 years to learn one of the things I love most about Stef is that she is creative. It all came out in a couple photography classes she took, but I see it all over the place now.

On thing I've learned in the last couple years of my life is that too have a creative streak.

The problem--Both of us grew up in worlds where being factual, being accurate, and knowing how to do things right is what makes a good person. As people who want to be good we both focused on those things that were factual, accurate and done right.

When we focus on those things, I think we as a couple become boring and uptight.

I'm glad that we are both finding ways to exercise our creativity. I'm sure the next 20 years of marriage will be much more exciting as we loosen the grip of the cold hard facts of life.