Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dad's braggin's

Once I told Elie that I'd give her a quart of Rita's Water Ice (if you don't know what that is come visit PA and I'll treat) if she made a goal with her head.  Anticipating a strong redirection to the upper 90, I was not sure what to do last weekend when Elie came to claim her quart.  You see, she and the keeper both went down in front of the goal.  Rather than running the risk of being too slow by getting up to kick the ball in, Elie, on all four, used her head to push it over the line.  It looked like the old party game when the person would roll a peanut with their nose. Not a great athletic feat, but creative.  Go Elie!

Today, the second surprise.  Looking back 12 years ago, Moriah was in a church Christmas program that took some Nutcracker songs and set Jesus lyrics to them.  The performance was an embarrasment.  She stood in the very front row and didn't sing a note.  I promised her I wouldn't tell what she did instead, but it had something to do with a finger and a feature in the center of her face.

Today, however, she learned that she as made the chorus at her school that will be singing in the Pennsylvania Ballet's preformance of the Nutcracker.  What an honor. She promises she'll sing this time.  Go Moriah!