Monday, November 23, 2009

One weekend down

Dear friends,
Today is Monday and we made it through a crazy weekend. Crazy but wonderful. We are reunited in Naples. Today is a bit of a down day for us as Tim and I have time to work at the church while the ladies are at the Faulkner home doing schoolwork and cleaning up a bit. Yesterday was a good day of worship at Il Faro. God is doing great things here.

Please continue to pray for us. I'm finding myself a little tired but still very excited about our work here. The people are a delight.

Pray also for:
  • Giacoma, a bible school student, who is in the hospital after some sort of negative food reaction. Tim and I will be meeting her at the hospital and connecting her with a ride back to the school in Rome. Rome is about 2 hours from Naples.
  • Pray for Jacki. She has been in a good amount of pain since we've been here. She will have some test today. Pray for healing.
  • Strength and rest for our family. It was a busy weekend and we are tired. At least we slept well last night.

Praise God for:
  • Strength so far.
  • A wonderful worship time in the Faulkners bi-cultural church (Il Faro). It is amazing to hear people pray in multiple languages reminding us that God is omni-cultural.
  • Insight into a well-led, on-fire church, Il Faro. They are few and far between in Italy.
Thank you for your prayer.