Tuesday, December 01, 2009

With jetlag, returning home brings contemplation

We're home.

We were all awake by 5am this morning.

Writing might be interesting because my mind is already shutting down for the day.

But I have a lot to think about after our wonderful trip to Italy.

First, pray for these things:
  • Our family has a busy first week back. Pray for strength, focus and alertness as we get back on schedule.
  • Pray for Tim and Jacki as the weakening dollar makes funds tighter.
  • Pray for Il Faro in Naples, the Bible School students and Il Faro in Turin as they contemplate the message I brought about youth and family ministry.
  • Pray for Richard, a man I met on the plane from Rome. We had a deep discussion that open a door to the Gospel. He never thought that the Christian religion was anything other than the judgment he sees in the News. Pray that he will be bombarded with others who share that Christ's message is one of love.
What am I contemplating?
  • How can we at Grace Point learn from the mentoring and youth in ministry in Naples?
  • How can I be more active in discipling young believers?
  • If we lived in a house that only had heat on for one short period over 10 days, can we cut back our energy use in our home?
  • After spending 10 days contemplating the Italian culture, do I really know the Bucks County USA culture?
  • Is it OK for me to wear the scarf with a heart on it in the US just because I saw a couple men in Italy wearing it?
Thanks for all our love, support and prayers.