Friday, July 02, 2010

Saying goodbye to Verizon

Me: Hello verizon. I'm a current customer. You just raise my bill and the Comcast guy is at the door offering me a better deal. 
Verizon: I'm happy to help you with that. Your bill just increased $10 after 2 years with no increase. Correct?
Me: It was 1 year.
verizon (after a few moments and some account searching): The bundle would be $99 [for internet and TV].
Me: That's $10 more than Comcast is offering. They also through in premium channels and phone for that price.
verizon: That's the same type of offer you got from us [last year].

Me in my head: Duh, that's why I'm inviting the Comcast guy to sign me up.

Bye, Bye Verizon! I'm sadder to see Vonage go.