Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Prayer for 2006

The following is a prayer that I'd like to pray throughout 2006. My hope is to pray this everyday and occationally update it so by the end of the year, it will be meaningful for my whole life.

Lord, give me a light to show me the way: a pilar of fire that goes before me. May my path be full of godly adventure. May there be many unknowns before me. But guide me each step that I may never feel alone or stumble.

Give me stregth to stand up against sin: my own sinful deeds and thoughts first, and then let me speak out against the sin I see around me.

Renew my love for other people that no one would be a bother in my day.

Lord, bring the most loved one back into the rightful place in my life. Let me be a leader in my family: to Stef and to my girls. Help me to lead them in my love for you through my actions and attitude. Keep my mind and eyes pure and my thoughts directed to Stefanie. Make me an example of a gracefilled man to my Moriah and Elisa. Let me also learn to lead in my greater family and may I have time to spend with them. May I be drawn closer to my parents in their autum years. May I be an example of your wisdom and peace to my brothers and sister, and may I be may I have a renewed relationship.

Make me a man of prayer interceding for those around me: my family, the families of my church, my neighbors, and the missionaries that I love and respect.

Lord, the Body of Christ needs good men-show me the best way to lead it. Make me spiritual enough to lead the church but never one dimentional. Make me one who drives people to serve you and show me how to deligate you work. Let me always be understanding of other's struggles with sin, but always helpful in returning them to their relationship with you.

Strengthen my love for your Word and for prayer. Be my dwelling place. Be my home. Be the one I share first all the experiences of my life. Be the center of all my attention.

Psalm 90