Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Engineering and the soul

We can engineer many things in this world. We can plan and design our home, office building and structures of many kinds. We can engineer our roadways, bridge great divides between roads and design vehicles to travel on those roads. Some vehicles are huge and can go anywhere on or off the highways. Other vehicles are small and designed to get along on very little fuel. We have developed ways to move people around the world in a matter of hours. Airplanes that people have designed, planned and build can now fly several times the speed of sound.

We have a medical industry that is in the business of engineering health. We can send a camera and clippers into the human body and remove many different ailments. This week, I'll spend thousands of dollars to pay and engineer to perfect my daughter's smile. Other engineers develop medication to wipe out all kinds of illnesses, eradicating many of them so they may never infect another human.

We can engineer so many things, but as our engineers succeed, there is not thing that they cannot redesign. That is the human soul, the spirit of a person.

This as so frustrated so many scientists and engineers that many have concluded that the soul must not exist. If it can be measure, seen or touched with an human hand or man-made instrument, it must be a fantasy. Yet it does exist.

People are trying to engineer it. They have developed a whole field to study and try to manipulate the soul. They call that field psychology. Counseling is a great growing field. But in the end, it proves to be inadequate at engineering they perfect human soul. Most counseling techniques leave their subject with a large dependency on crutches. "Six sessions may not be adequate for you. You will need to continue your counseling indefinitely," says a common psychological school.

We can't engineer the perfect human soul, but there is an engineer that can prefect it. That is the Lord Jesus. Through the work the Holy Spirit our souls will be prefect. Let God mold your soul and it will work. Human attempts may offer some relief to temporal problems, but God alone has the ability to truly fix the soul.