Sunday, March 19, 2006

Life as a Children's Pastor

It's a somewhat typical day in the church, except today I have a visiting group of Japanese youth coming to speak to my 1st to 4th grade class. In addition to that change, the child's choir was singing in the service so we held our program up for about 15 minutes waiting for their return.

Just as the children flocked into the room, I saw a mother in the door way trying to get my attention. She had noticed the Kindergarten teacher in some stress and came to solicit my help. Because my children were settling in for a few minutes of music (and I'm not musical), I took the opportunity to check on this teacher's need.

It turns out that she was overwhelmed by the extra students that the children's choir had drawn to her class. I made my way down to the junior high class room to call on a last-minute assistant. No problem. As I introduced the assistant to the teach a child ran into my leg with muffled cries.

I looked down. What do you suppose I saw. A boy who had been in the class for less than 3 minutes had a bucket stuck to his head. Not sure what was up, I grabbed the bucket and gave it a tug. It wasn't budging. He, I'm sure with the help of some companions, had wedged the bucket on good. The job took some patience. and a tight grip on his ears, but the bucket did pop off.

Please pray for Kindergarten teachers. If the children don't drive them crazy, the teachers will surely die laughing at their attempts.