Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I Am Legend

Stefanie and I went to a movie on New Year's Eve. Yea, I know that's not real social of us, but we were without children, and since their plans had been so fluid, we didn't make any other plans. Anyhow, we saw I Am Legend starring Will Smith. I was a good movie, not one that I'd see again. I don't usually like thriller type movies. Still this thriller seemed to have more to say that most. I think there were two things that I took out of it.

First, Will Smith is a better actor than the Fresh Prince. He's come a long way and, other than a lone German Shepherd, he carried the whole movie.

The second thing I took from the film was actually something I had been thinking about earlier this week. That is that it is difficult to know if a good event or intent will bring about a good result in the end.

This film opens with a news interview of a scientist who just discovered a 100% cure for cancer. It seemed like a great victory. Unfortunately, they later realize that the virus used to cure cancer, mutated into one that nearly wipes out humankind.

The moral...When event happen, good or bad, don't put too much stock in the momentary feelings. Ultimately there is only one thing that you can count on always being good. That is God.