Saturday, July 19, 2008

Church leadership and experimenting

I'm a slow reader. Slower yet during the busy weeks of VBS, soccer camp and adventure camp. (Welcome to my July; 3 out of 4 weeks are in some of the most time intensive programs I have.) While I am a slow reader, I am usually working on a book. Right now, I'm chugging through Tim Keel's Intuitive Leadership which I reported first earlier this week.

I like the point that Keel is trying to make and how it differs from so many leadership books I've read over the years. He's telling Christian leaders to experiment rather than imitate. I don't like imitations. I think the Church (universal) should be bolder than that. I like to try new things. He uses the free flowing experimentation of a jazz musician for an analogy, but I think any art form would do.

My question is how does he identify a successful experiment? I don't think it should be tested by the appeal to the masses. Hannah Montana appeals to the masses but is lousy art in the like of the Back Street Boys, Brittney Spears or so many other pop artists. Similarly, I don't think it should be tested by the experts. That would be too modern according to Keel's assessment.

So how should it be tested? I hope I learn he position on this before the end of the book.