Monday, July 14, 2008

Tim Keel's Intuitive Leadership

I'm reading Tim Keel's book, Intuitive Leadership, as part of my transition plan into my role as Life Development pastor. Why? Because I've read a ton of left brained leadership books written by the likes of Maxwell, Stanley, Collins, etc. I feel it is time for me to broaden my understanding of different kinds of leadership models. I'm hoping that Keel can help me with this attempt. I'm not deep into the book yet, but so far I find that it is mostly a defense of the emergent church movement. I hope he goes beyond that.

One interesting fact is that Keel left Denver 6 months after I arrived at Denver Seminary. He doesn't say when he graduated from the seminary but aren't too far apart in our time there. It's possible we were on campus at the same time. I have found that I relate very well to his experiences in seminary and getting started in ministry. Particularly, I can relate to his initial excitement on campus being doused the burden of all the academic requirements of the seminary. Unfortunately, I discovered that the seminary (most seminaries) wanted to live in a world where on the one hand they are as academic as any University program and on the other hand they have special requirements for life in the ministry. The result of this dichotomy was I never felt I could spend as much time thinking about things I wanted to think about or serving in ministries I wanted to serve in. Many of my friends felt similar stresses.

I'll write more on Intuitive Leadership as I get deeper into it.

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