Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Culture and Faith in the Twitter world

I just did a Twitter Search on the words "culture" and "faith".  Interesting results. I think you can see Andy Crouch's postures come out so clearly.  Here are a few of the Tweets and, in green, my thoughts on which Posture is represented.  You can hear about these in Andy's talk at Grace Point on March 15.

4hardystarbucks northpark...absorbing culture sharing faith   Consume

jrminkel"in the U.S. the default for culture is a blind faith in science, rather than a war on science."  Condemn

AndyGroenink@jasonmitchener 6 page assignment on case study of reaching another culture, I picked the Muslim faith  Critic 

heathrAnd yes Tom u can be Jewish and gay. Maybe not the Jewish your parents get, but your faith is yours + yr culture is big enough for u!   Consume

cjcasciottawas interviewed by MTV about faith and American Idol. I hope I got the point across that the church should create culture, not copy it    Create

sumapriapusWatchmen: This is why conservatives have a tough problem today. The pop culture undermines faith, family and freedom.    Condemn/Critic

brandonrae[ HIP-HOP ] [ PANACEA ] [ STARLITE ] [ Enjoy, and have faith in theculture that I love ] ♫   Consume

I didn't see copy there although on person talked about how Christians should not copy culture.  The rest were all there.  I'd love to hear your analysis of these tweets.  Maybe you could search again and see if they all still show up.