Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Listening

I'm still listening.  Listening to God during prayer and worship rather than speaking. 

I don't know that I can say that listening has come with any great breakthroughs.  Nothing obvious but a few things have come out. 

I've learned that I can always listen to God more.
      I've learned that I can listen to people more.
            I've learned that more people can listen to God more.

It's still too easy for me to tell God what I want.  Yeah, I'm not speaking out, but I still sit in want hoping that God willl give me what I want.

People are speaking to me constantly.  I don't alway hear what they say.  Listening to God is important.  Listening to people is important too.

While I'm listening I've learned that much, maybe most, of what we say is jargon.  We use the same prayer phrases over and over again. 
            "Dear God..."
                   "We just......"
               "Please bless......"
             "If it is in your will......"
  These phrase may represent those things that we most need to convey to God, but I doubt it.  These things represent the lingo that we feel free to use in public. 

I use those words too.

I hope that I continue to learn more.  More ways to listen to God.  More ways to speak with him intimately.