Saturday, November 22, 2008

living with dyslexia (1)

I have the curse(1) or joy of living(3) with(4) dyslexia. Dyslexia is a reading disorder in which the brain mixes stuff up. At least(5,6) that's what some experts(7-9) say. Others say everyone(10) mixes stuff up; those who claim(11) the disorder just(12-14) aren't trying(15) hard enough.

Obviously, it is a curse, because it can be really frustrating(16) mixing things up. For example(17-20), I've counted 20 times already that I've used the back space to correct mistyped word. I also struggle with(21) vowels(22-25) sounds. I really can't tell the difference(26) between a short "i" and a short "a".

As for not trying hard enough(26-30), I've reread short papers 6 or more times and still have people point out errors(31) pointed out on first reading by others (usually my wife(32)).

Ok, that sounds frustrating(33), so how can dyslexia(34) be a joy? Well, I can read some really funny things at times. Of course, no one else gets the joke, but I'm OK with laughing alone(35).

One memorable dyslexic(36,37) moment came on a road trip with(38) a college friend. Driving down a country road, I clearly saw(38) this sign.

Can you guess what my college buddy(39,40) read on the sign?

Note: Numbers(41) in ( ) indicate times I actually(42) backspaced because(43) I mistyped a word.