Wednesday, November 26, 2008

These are my values--What are yours?

Our staff talked about values today. You know, the attitudes deep inside you that guide your actions--the reasons your do what you do. I've thought a lot about strengths and personalities lately, but have forgotten values. I want to thank Jay Williams for taking us through this interesting workshop.

Here are my core values. I hope to follow up with the why behind each.

Family: Family are the people that are closest to you. In a family, you can be who God designed you to be without fear, scorn or judgment. Family loves you for who you are, unconditionally, but always challenges each member to grow and respect norms and authority so the the whole family benefits.

This usually includes those related to you, it doesn't have to be limited to those people and sometimes those people don't act too much like family.

I'm fortunate, I find this value in Stef, Moriah and Elie. I have found it in my family of my childhood, but we aren't together too often any more. I'm beginning to find aspects of it with some of the people of our church. That's what I love most about Friday nights in my house.

Creativity: Creativity is the ability to think bigger and dream beyond current reality. To be fully creative, those big dreams must be communicated to others, and challenge them to also think bigger and dream beyond reality.

I value creativity. I am not by nature creative in the sense that I can't sing, play an instrument, paint, build, draw, or write particularly well. Those are all tools for expressing creativity. To be a good drawer, doesn't make you creative. It is just medium for those who are creative to express their thoughts.

I'm still searching for my best medium of creativity.

Freedom: Freedom is the ability to choose--according to your free will--that which God designed you to do, say or write.

Freedom is for anarchy. Anarchy is freedom only for the strongest as the weak are push to oblivion. Freedom is I can choose according to my will and design in such a way that you can better choose according to your will and design.

We exercise freedom in our home. I think it is leading my daughters to be more creative people.

These are my core values as I discovered this week. I have other values too--teaching and peace are certainly secondary--but the first three values stand out.